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Weed Storage 101: Full Guide to Storing Cannabis

Today’s legal cannabis marketplace has made it possible to take a short trip to a local dispensary and browse from a wide variety of quality buds. Licensed cannabis producers put considerable effort into making sure their product is properly preserved, especially since it might spend some time in the dispensary before it’s purchased.

Consumers as well have an increased focus on quality now, and more and more connoisseurs are seeking out more effective storage methods. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the dos and don’ts of proper weed storage to help you retain the fresh aromas and flavors in your cannabis.

How Was Weed Stored Before The Legal Market?

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Cannabis consumers of the past tended to be primarily concerned with keeping their stash hidden; keeping buds in optimum condition usually had to come second. It was common, even expected, for weed to dry up and lose flavor.  Some tried to mitigate the drying by putting moist objects in with their stash, only to end up with moldy weed. Either situation quickly answers the question “does weed go bad?”  It really can, when stored improperly.

For years, there wasn’t much quality control on the cannabis supply end, and storage was just in whatever was easily available. This combination often led to tired, flavorless, dried out buds. It wasn’t anyone's fault per se, there just weren’t a lot of weed storage best practices at the time.  Fortunately this has changed.

So How Do I Store Weed Properly?

Experts generally agree that the best way to store weed long term is to keep it in a cool, dry, and dark spot. Why? Humidity, temperature changes and UV light are all known to negatively impact cannabis flowers - specifically the trichomes and terpenes. Improper storage can actually reduce the total THC % as well as the amount of terpenes, which produce the unique natural flavors and aromas found in each strain. Storing your weed improperly can also degrade trichomes and cannabinoids, leading to a reduction in potency.

Sometimes dispensaries have air-tight containers for their cannabis, but other times, it’s all on you to figure out how to store weed in the best manner, especially if you break into the package, have a sesh, and want to save the rest for later. Those re-sealable plastic baggies aren’t too ideal in this situation.

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Avoid plastic weed storage containers

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With some exceptions, storing weed in a plastic container isn’t recommended.

When you’re storing weed in plastic bags, it’s very easy for outside air to enter the bag and begin degrading your product.  There is also a tendency for trichomes to stick to a bag or other plastic storage container due to static.

We recommend purchasing a specialized, preferably glass, cannabis storage container to keep at home. You can transfer your newly purchased buds to your home storage container as soon as you get back from the dispensary, and then properly dispose of the packaging it came in.

How long does weed stay fresh in a ziploc bag?

If a plastic baggie is your only option, and you find yourself wondering “how long does weed stay good in a Ziploc bag,” the answer can be: up to a year, but only if extra precautions are taken, such as squeezing out as much air as you can and placing the plastic bag in an airtight container.  Keep in mind that adding anything moist to the bag to keep the weed from drying out can affect the flower’s flavor/aroma, and introduce the possibility of mold growth. We suggest using an Evergreen Pod for humidity regulation instead.

What are the most important factors in properly storing cannabis?

When purchasing a weed storage container, look for these features:

  • Has an air-tight seal
  • Shields your cannabis from UV light
  • Helps regulate humidity

What temperature is best for weed storage?

The ideal temperature range to preserve weed well seems to be between 50 and 60 degrees F, which is slightly cooler than average room temperature.

Moving your weed from a cold place to room temperature regularly, such as from a refrigerator or basement to your bedroom, can introduce condensation and mildew, so keeping temperatures consistent should be a goal.

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How long should my weed last if stored properly?

For those wondering “how long does weed last” - the better the storage, the longer it will stay fresh and flavorful. Generally speaking, poorly cured or stored cannabis doesn’t last much past six months. You can still smoke it, but it won’t taste the same and might have less potency. If your cannabis becomes too dry, it might be too crumbly to roll or too difficult to grind. Product that has been better preserved can last at least six months to a year

Keeping Weed Fresh is Important for Business

Cannabis growers and producers are becoming more and more conscious of using the right weed storage containers, seeking to develop a reputation in the marketplace for consistently high quality cannabis, stored correctly.  You can maintain this high level of quality by maintaining good storage practices at home.

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Evergreen Pods and jars - the easy way

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It’s clear that making sure your weed lasts a little longer can take a lot of effort. An easy solution is to try Evergreen Pods & storage containers. These storage solutions have been specifically designed to keep your cannabis as fresh as possible. Evergreen Pods are powered by drinking water and use innovative beads which can help maintain the ideal humidity range. The storage jars were also designed to allow you to write down the date you put your product in, so you can keep track of how long it has been stored! 

Check out the full collection of Evergreen Pods & storage containers and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns; we’re always happy to help!

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