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Heads Up - Quarter Ounce Jar Now Available!

We've got some exciting news: the ESS Mini has joined the Evergreen family of cannabis storage products! It’s a smaller jar, ideal for quarters, eighths, and below. Read on for details.

What to Expect with the ESS Mini

The new Evergreen quarter ounce jar provides all the same weed-preserving performance that our larger version offers, only in a smaller size. The Mini includes:

  • The Evergreen Pod two-way humidifying capsule
  • Solid glass construction to properly protect and preserve your buds
  • A silicone sleeve to protect from breakage and block UV light
  • A custom, airtight metal lid that can be labeled with content details with a provided wet-erase marker

While our original 11-ounce ESS is large enough to hold up to an ounce of cannabis, the Mini is ideal for storing smaller amounts, generally up to a quarter ounce of flower.

ESS and ESS Mini side by side on a dock

The Benefits of Using a Smaller Jar for Weed Storage

Achieve a Better Weed Storage Environment

The more open space you have inside your jar, the more oxygen gets trapped inside to attack and degrade your bud. Also, a small amount of flower will have a lot of space inside a large jar to be jostled about when the jar is moved, which can damage trichomes. A quarter-ounce jar provides a much better environment to store a quarter ounce of flower, making it even easier to keep your weed fresh.

Transfer Stored Flower as It Is Consumed

While you may have enough stored flower to fill a full-size jar in the beginning, as you use your cannabis, it makes less sense to store it in a large jar. With a smaller jar on hand, you can simply transfer your lesser quantity of flower to a more suitable storage container. Then, your larger jar will be freed up for the next use or trip to the dispensary.

Store Smaller Amounts of Various Strains

Many of us don't buy large quantities of the same strain of flower at a time, and enjoy having a variety to choose from at home. With the right-sized jar for quarters, you can keep each strain you purchase in its own (color coded!) storage container. 

Also, smaller jars take up less space and are easier to shove into a bag or pocket and bring along on adventures!

Pulling an ESS mini out of a jacket pocket

Get the Inside Scoop About All the Best Weed Storage Solutions

When it comes to keeping weed safely stored and fresh, the Evergreen Storage Solution is built to deliver. Now, you can have all the same perks in a smaller jar. Be sure to keep an eye on our full collection of weed storage solutions. And if you haven't done so already, sign up for our email newsletter to get the inside scoop about new products and offers.


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