About Us

Catching an Evergreen jar

We are a family company, founded with a simple mission: keeping cannabis fresh, in an environmentally sustainable way.

Inspiration for the Evergreen Pod came from life experience.  It was always a struggle keeping flower from drying out, even when properly stored in airtight glass jars. 

Over the years we tried pretty much everything: clay buttons, orange peels, lettuce, drops of distilled water... All worked to a limited extent, but introduced the danger of overhydration, contamination and mold.

Humidity packs work (some better than others), but are only good until they dry out, then you have to throw them away and buy new ones.

Eventually we realized the perfect solution would have several key characteristics:

  • Two way humidification, to keep flower in that sweet spot - not too dry, not too moist
  • Reusable, something users could recharge and keep using, not throw away
  • Easy to own and maintain, rechargeable with regular drinking water.

Over the course of a couple of years we created and tested a series of prototypes, honing in on a design that was very effective, simple to use, and could be manufactured at an affordable price. This process led to invention of the Evergreen Pod, which is reusable, can be recharged again and again with drinking water, and maintains the ideal 55%-65% humidity range.

With the product designed and the crucial technology patented, family members with backgrounds in logistics, manufacturing, retail sales and distribution came aboard, and began building what is now a steadily growing core of enthusiastic users and resellers. 

"This system was clearly created by a team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts." - heyhellohigh.com

Why don't we sell on Amazon? We get asked that a lot and here are the answers:

First and foremost, we would lose our relationship with our customers. We actually enjoy customer service and interacting with people who use our products, and wouldn't be comfortable turning this function over to offshore helpdesks.

Counterfeiting becomes a major concern when selling an innovative product on such a large platform. Amazon is notorious for allowing clone products to be sold by third parties. If this were to happen, a small company like ours would struggle to keep fakes off the marketplace. The clones almost certainly wouldn't work nearly as well as the original, which could quickly lead to our reputation cratering.

Review fraud. Amazon has a well-documented problem with fake reviews. If you need to see proof of this, just look at the reviews of some of our competitors.  You'll see planted reviews on both sides (positive reviews paid by company, negative reviews paid by competitors).

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, our economy is becoming dominated by just a few players.  They are able to pay for teams of lobbyists to make sure that laws are written to their benefit, at the expense of all competing businesses, large and small. We have a responsibility to not contribute to that broken model.