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The 5 Best Weed Jars - Our Top Picks for Weed Jars in 2024

Cannabis has an extensive range of beneficial elements that can degrade quickly if it is not properly stored. It also has a naturally pungent aromatic profile that is a dead giveaway if you’re trying to be discreet. The best weed jars are designed to solve these common problems.

Specially engineered jars provide a fuss-free, discreet, and smell-proof way to store your stash while preserving quality. With the best jars for weed, your green collection stays fresh and flavorful for months.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right container can be time-consuming. Use the below list of the best weed jars and their special features to help in making your selection and maximizing the benefits. 

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What Is a Weed Jar?

A weed jar is a type of jar made specifically for storing marijuana flower and derived products. They are crafted from materials such as glass, wood, ceramics, or metal. Jars come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some even have unique features that give them a competitive edge over other weed jars. Because of the benefits they provide, these special containers have become a must-have accessory for cannabis enthusiasts.

Weed Jar Benefits

Glass jar with cannabis spilling out

Weed jars help protect cannabis and keep it fresh. However, not all are created equal. The best jars for weed have revolutionized short and long-term cannabis storage. They protect the product from destructive elements such as light, air and humidity. The most high-quality containers are designed using advanced technology to promote long-term storage and protect your stash in the following ways:

  • Keeps weed fresh: Look for cannabis jars that are equipped with features to prevent flower from drying out and losing its fresh quality.
  • Protects against contamination: Glass jars with airtight lids work to protect your buds from oxidation and other harmful effects of air.
  • Preserves quality: Stash jars with airtight covers help preserve the smell, taste and potency of the product.
  • Protects against mold: The best weed jars are specially designed to work with two-way humidifier technology to maintain ideal moisture levels - not too high, not too low.
  • Prevents smell from escaping: A smell-proof jar for weed allows you to discreetly store and travel with your stash.
  • Provides a way to add notes so you can easily identify which strain/harvest you have in each jar

        Top Features to Look for in the Best Stash Jars

        Evergreen stash jars in assorted sizes and colors on a shelf next to a basket of pears

        The best stash jars incorporate these benefits to provide the ultimate in freshness protection. Here’s a list of features to look out for in a quality weed jar.

        1. Size

        Check out the size of the jar—how much cannabis can the jar hold? Is it enough for your personal storage needs? You can find stash jars in a range of sizes. While this is the most basic aspect to consider, believe it or not, this is something easily overlooked when shopping for the best. The general recommendation is to pick a jar that is not going to have your stash squashed inside with no room for airflow, but don't go with an oversized jar either. When in doubt, consider picking up two different sizes, one for bulk storage, one for day to day use.

        2. Seals

        A good seal protects your weed from oxygen exposure and moisture, but not every jar has a good seal. The best seals are rubber, plastisol or silicone, which may be a part of the lid itself. Otherwise, you may leave your cannabis at risk of deterioration.

        3. Protective Exterior

        You want UV light as far away from your weed as possible when you need to store your stash for a long time. So a standard clear jar won't do. Something like opaque materials,  a painted exterior, or, even better, a silicone sleeve, blocks out the sun well.

        4. Smell Protection

        A jar should keep the smell of your cannabis inconspicuous. If not, this is a good sign the jar does not have a good seal and your cannabis is likely at risk.

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        Glass, Metal, Wood, or Ceramic Cannabis Stash Jars - Which is better?

        Glass is the top preference for cannabis storage. The material does not break down over time, leech chemicals or contaminants into your cannabis, and is a good overall general storage choice. Metal is the second-best option for marijuana storage, especially when you are on the go because metal stash jars stand up well to bumps and drops. Both wood and ceramic are pretty to look at, but they don't usually offer the best levels of protection. Both can be porous, especially with age. That’s one of the reasons we recommend steering clear from using tobacco humidors for weed.

        The Best Weed Jars

        #1. Evergreen Storage Solutions

        Evergreen Storage Solution and ESS Mini on dock

        We believe Evergreen weed jars are the highest quality stash jars around. We did a lot of research and testing to come up with one of the  best storage systems for weed on the market. Evergreen's patented technology makes it easy to maintain flower quality with stylish, discreet storage solutions.

        Key outstanding features:

        • Affordable price
        • Available as 4 and 11-ounce glass storage jars
        • Custom-fit silicone jar sleeve blocks light and protects against breakage
        • Sleeve is open at the bottom so you can see contents without opening the jar
        • Airtight lid helps maintain weed freshness, with marker included to date or label contents
        • Includes rechargeable Evergreen Pod to help maintain ideal humidity range (lasts up to 5 years)

        Taking all the features into consideration, Evergreen weed jars do a fantastic job of protecting the aromatic profile and potency of the product, and are simple to use. The airtight construction also makes it the one of the most smell-proof jars for weed. 

        #2. Re-Stash Jars

        Re-stash jars

        Re-Stash is proud to have transformed the mason jar into what they call the “perfect stash jar”. The company designed its weed jars to keep out light and insulate your stash from temperature shifts. Doing so helps retain the precious terpenes (flavors), THC, and other beneficial cannabinoids in the plant.

        Key outstanding features:

        • Made from eco-friendly materials
        • Smell-proof
        • Protective silicone sleeve to protect against sunlight damage
        • Available in different designs and sizes
        • Child-resistant lid

        Re-Stash weed jars have many attractive features such as an airtight design and child-proof lid. On the down side, there is no easy way to label the contents, and they lack a humidity control solution, which is necessary to protect against excess moisture, dryness and mold. You will need to purchase a humidity control solution separately, either disposable packs or an Evergreen Pod.

        #3. Cannascape Classic Matte Black Stash Jar

        Cannascape stash jar

        Cannascape’s Classic Matte Black Stash Jar is an airtight weed storage container made from stainless steel. This jar is on the larger side and is made to hold up to 2 ounces of flower. The weed jar has a strain information label on the outside for adding vital information, such as strain name, type, and date purchased, and also features a valve to help expel air from inside the container.  

        Key outstanding features:

        • Made from stainless steel
        • Unique outer aesthetics
        • Fitted with the Fresh Port Valve to remove excess air from the container and block out light to protect flower quality
        • Includes a label and marker to add notes

        The Cannascape weed container can store a maximum of 2 ounces of flower so it is ideal for someone looking for a very large storage container. The freshness valve is a neat idea too.  Ultimately, we prefer glass for weed storage but if metal is ok with you, this could be a good solution. We recommend pairing this jar with an Evergreen Pod for long-term humidity control.

        #4. Herb Guard Stash Jar

        Herbguard stash jar

        Herb Guard is a line of airtight,UV-filtering and smell-proof jars for weed. The unique black-looking jar is made from tinted glass and boasts a sleek design.

        Key outstanding features:

        • Airtight lids to keep nuggets fresh
        • Designed to filter ultraviolet light
        • Multiple sizes to hold different capacities, such as 1/8 oz or 2 oz
        • Some models come with a protective locking pouch to protect your jar of weed on the go
        • Includes a disposable humidity pack to keep content fresh longer
        • Includes jar labels

        Herb Guard makes good-looking jars with some pretty nifty features, but with a few downsides. They block certain UV wavelengths, but not all visible light, allowing some wavelengths to pass through. The label stickers are great, but once you run out you’ll need to figure out your own system as refills are not available. The jar does include a humidity pack, which will buy you around a month of humidity control, after which you’ll have to provide your own. 

        #5. FreshStor CVault

        FreshStor CVault

        FreshStor CVault stash jars come in assorted sizes. The lids are airtight, and the solid metal structure prevents light exposure. 

        Key outstanding features:

        • UV-protective
        • Durable
        • Won't break
        • Multiple sizes

        FreshStor CVault stash jars are made of metal, which can be good when you are on the go. They provide an airtight seal and block out all light. The containers are washable, but not quite as easy to fully clean as glass options. Unfortunately, these stainless steel jars are rather costly compared to some of the other options, and they don’t include a humidity management option. On the plus side, the CVault is compatible with the Evergreen Pod for a longer lasting humidification solution, using the CVault Adaptor

        Evergreen Has the Best Weed Jars For Maximum Storage Benefits

        Evergreen Storage Solution benefits

        Each of the jars we’ve covered have unique qualities. Evergreen weed jars, however, are engineered with all the features needed to protect your treasured purchase from destructive elements. Our jars protect quality, aroma, and flavor, so you can focus on savoring the experience of every toke.

        Evergreen jars also pass the storage capacity, smell-proof, freshness, durability, UV protection, and humidity tests. Your weed remains evergreen, fresh, and potent just like when you first purchased it. The Humidification Pod also included in the package, is like a gift that keeps on giving, providing years of freshness from a single pod.

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