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Evergreen Pod

Evergreen Storage Solution

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Need more than one? Buy three and get one free with our ESS Four Pack.

This package contains everything you need for proper storage of your herbal materials:

  • Evergreen Pod two-way humidification capsule

  • 8-ounce glass jar (holds approx 1/2 oz to 1 oz of typical materials)

  • Custom-fit silicone jar sleeve keeps out light, protects against breakage, allows viewing of contents with the lid closed

  • The Evergreen Traveler, an airtight keychain container to use when you're on the go

  • Specially-designed metal lid and wet erase marker for recording info about contents, and two melamine sponges for easy cleaning.

Available in original dark green, and in bright green, red, purple, cobalt blue, and yellow.

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Customer Reviews

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Bubba Jet
Highest Quality

Very high quality. I really like the humidification pod. A scientific way to keep your stash!

The Best Stash Jar/Cannabis Storage Container on the Market!

The Evergreen Storage Solution is the best stash jar on the market. For years I was like everyone else, carrying my weed around in plastic bags/containers without a single thought about the quality of my bud (gives me goosebumps to think about now). After using the ESS for 2-3 months I can say that I’m NEVER going back to that. Here’s why…

1. The humidification pod - YES, it works. It’s brought stale weed back to life and keeps potent weed fresh for… idk, forever? It’s magnetic so it doesn’t sit in your bud. It’s rechargeable so you won’t need a new one once it’s dry.
2. The silicon sleeve - keeps light out to preserve cannabinoids/terpenes. The sleeve is thick enough to prevent the jar from breaking if it falls off of your table. It’s “grippy” and won’t fall out of your hands easily.
3. The size - the jar is shorter than a typical mason jar, but large enough to carry about an OZ with no problem. Fits well in backpacks, etc.
4. The extras - Unpacking this thing needs a YouTube video. It’s dope! Branded instruction guides, a variety of stickers, and my favorite – a keychain storage container that fits a nug or two. You never know when you'll be in need!

I have used the ESS for everything from bringing stale weed back to life, to preserving my top shelf bud, to even curing my homegrown stuff. For those who know how important proper storage is – this is for you. For those who don’t know how important proper storage is – this is even more for you!

SR Harris
Fantastic storage/preservation kit!

First, shipping was super-fast, which was nice. The kit was well-packed and tucked inside with a few branded freebies—always a nice touch:) As far as the Evergreen Storage Solution—pleasantly pleased. It's like the masterminds at Evergreen sat down and thought of everything a person would need to keep their bud fresh and contained.

The glass jar is perfectly sized. I'm not sure why, but I did expect something smaller even though the size is clearly identified in the description. This is easily big enough to house an ounce or more of flower without risking destroying the trichomes. The jar is wrapped with a removable, sun-protectant sleeve. For me, this is important because of UV protection, yes, but also because I have butterfingers with everything glass. I'm fairly certain, if I drop this, the silicone sleeve is going to offer enough shock-absorbancy to prevent breakage.

Love, love, LOVE the fact that the pod is magnetic and sticks to the lid. I've used the other brands that just get dropped in the container, but this makes so much more sense. I love the versatility of the pod—great for thwarting extra moisture while still being perfect for a little recharging when your buds are a bit too dry.

The fact that Evergreen throws in a travel keychain and marker to label your jar is just icing on the cake, seriously. The jar and pod are well worth the price on their own.

If you're an occasional toker and need a weed storage solution, take my advice, this one is IT.

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