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Evergreen Storage Solution Three Pack

Evergreen Storage Solution Three Pack

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Stock up and save! Includes three full Evergreen Storage Solution kits.

Each Evergreen Storage Solution Three Pack contains everything you need for proper storage of your herbal materials:

  • Three Evergreen Pod two-way humidification capsules
  • Three 11-ounce glass jars (holds approx 3/4-1 ounce of typical materials)
  • Three custom-fit silicone jar sleeves keeps out light, protects against breakage, allow viewing of contents with the lid closed
  • Three Evergreen Travelers, an airtight keychain container to use when you're on the go
  • Three specially-designed metal lids and wet erase markers for recording info about contents, and eight melamine sponges for easy cleaning.

Your variety pack can include any combination of available colors. Use the dropdown menus to build your pack according to your color preferences!


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Customer Reviews

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Bailey Denmark
Fresh Greens

I like to have a variety of greens, but I've always had a problem with keeping them fresh for a long period of time. Evergreen solved my problem and I'm so stoked to have stumbled upon them. The jar and humidifier system keeps my fresh greens sticky without them being soggy or susceptible to mold and it's revitalized older crunchy nugs to their formerly crisp and juicy selves. I will 100% recommend Evergreen to anyone and will for sure be purchasing more jars in the future. I love the little travel sized keychain containers, too. And the pens and erasures included to keep my product properly labeled is excellent.

Randy Gardner
It’s a winner!!😎

The Evergreen pod system is easy to use and does a hellava job keeping your buds nice and fresh. Do yourself a favor and check it out today. Randy says it’s a dandy!

Heather Bartle
Love it so much, I bought another!

Great storage solution! I love the reusable pods!

Leon Dostert
buying more

it is so good I bought 4 more for a total of 8 so far

The perfect solution

Excellent resourceful website provides value and facts. I’ve tried all the mentioned alternatives with the same results. Which is why/how I searched and found Evergreen. Well that search is over. This product IS the total solution I’ve been looking for. You can keep between 1/2 to 3/4 ounce in each jar. You don’t want to over fill or stuff your product in. Keep it loose and keep product from touching pod and you will be amazed with the results of freshness provided. Old, dry weed that grinds to dust? No problem, a few days in this and you’ll have fresh, new tasting weed. Color coded jars help to organize. I keep all sativas in green and indicas in purple. Just label top with strain. Shipping is super fast. Customer service is beyond exceptional. Any questions get answered immediately. Follow up/ communication throughout process shows they care and on top of their game. Excellent product. Excellent company. Makes the good stuff…great