Weed stored in plastic bag vs jar

Should You Store Weed in Plastic Bags & Containers?

The simple answer? Not unless you are simply storing weed for only a short amount of time. Storing weed in a plastic container or plastic bag can cause issues with quality, freshness, and how long the cannabis will stay potent. It can also contribute to the tons of single use plastics that end up in our oceans and landfills each year.

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Storing Weed in a Plastic Bag

How long can you keep weed in a plastic bag? No longer than a few days, unless you just have no other choice. A plastic baggie is not going to offer much in the way of protection from oxygen, sunlight, or even temperature variances.  Another problem with plastic bags is they collect static particles, which can actually damage valuable components like terpenes, or trichomes (which contain the bulk of the cannabinoids).

While weed can generally stay in a plastic bag for about two or three months, what you pull out of the bag after storage won't be the best quality and may even contain chemicals you shouldn't be smoking.

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Storing Weed in a Plastic Container

It may seem like a plastic container for weed storage would be the second-best option compared to a plastic bag, but these containers can be just as bad. A plastic container may offer more protection because of its rigidity, but all the problems that come along with plastic bags apply with plastic containers: chemicals, static, and lack of protection from the elements.

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So, Storing Weed in Plastic Bags or Containers Is Bad - Now What?

Taking a nug out of the plastic bag

The best storage solution for weed is, hands down, a glass stash jar. Glass is not porous and a jar can be sealed off tightly with a good lid. The only problem with a glass jar is that most of them are clear, and sunlight can also ruin good cannabis. Therefore, you will need to scope out a covered jar that has a lid you know is going to be airtight.

If possible, go with an Evergreen glass jar with a specially-made silicone sleeve that keeps out sunlight and a well-made lid to keep out oxygen. If you don't have a glass jar with a protective coating, tuck what you do have away in a dark place out of direct sunlight.

Protect Your Investment with the Best Weed Storage Solutions

Good herb is not an inexpensive investment. When you want to stock up because you've found a strain you like or don't live near a dispensary, good storage protects your investment. Need a few herb storage supplies? At Evergreen, we give you access to everything you need, including a full Evergreen Storage Solution with a sleeve-protected jar, Evergreen Pod for humidity control, an airtight storage keychain, and more.

Evergreen Storage Solution

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