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Does Weed Lose Potency After Grinding?

When you want a consistent draw and cannabinoid delivery, grinding your weed is where it's at. Pretty much all cannathusiasts have a good grinder in their accessory kit. A grinder is typically a cylindrical container that has a series of teeth to break down your bud into uniform pieces with a few quick turns. Sometimes, you may get carried away and grind more than you need for one sitting. What should you do with your leftover freshly ground flower?  Does weed lose potency after grinding? How can you retain potency after grinding? We've pulled together the answers to these questions and more below.

Does grinding weed make it less potent?

When you grind weed, what you're doing is breaking up the plant matter into smaller pieces. The trichomes that usually contain the highest concentrations of THC and terpenes are also broken down and distributed throughout the plant matter. Grinding may mean losing a little of this material, but if your grinder has a kief catcher, you can save the resinous material for later use.

All this is to say, grinding weed should not affect potency to an extent that it makes a difference. If anything, what you end up with is a more consistent distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes.

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How long does ground weed stay potent?

When stored properly, your ground weed will stay fresh just as long as your full bud—this can be up to a year in the most ideal conditions. The more important thing is to make sure you are striving for the most ideal storage solution to keep your weed fresh.

A few rules for long-term weed storage include:

Glass stash jars like those from Evergreen are a good choice. The jars are glass, which means no single use plastics and no chemicals leaching into your ground flower, but they also have an airtight lid, as well as a silicone sleeve to thwart UV rays. Outfit the jar with a two-way humidification pod, and your ground bud is set to retain its freshness and potency for quite some time.

How do you know if ground weed has gone bad?

The general rule is the plant matter loses 16 percent of its THC level after about a year, but THC levels may be salvaged with the right storage. For the most part, you can tell when weed has gone bad by how it looks and smells. Old weed can smell a lot like hay, and if the material has developed mold, it can have an unusually musky odor and may have dark or powdery white spots.

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Preserve Ground and Unground Buds with Evergreen

Whether you like to store your cannabis ground and ready to roll or in full buds, Evergreen has the storage solutions to preserve your investment as long as possible. Take a look at our comprehensive lineup of weed storage solutions.

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