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Too Many Plastic Weed Containers? Cut The Waste

The cannabis industry is undoubtedly booming. Every year, new states go recreationally legal, large-scale cultivators come online, and new products hit dispensary shelves. For much of this product, manufacturers must follow strict packaging requirements. As important as it is for legal cannabis products to be readily available and well-packaged, this new industry comes with a lot of waste.

Cannabis cultivators and manufacturers have not all been leaders in putting sustainability first when it comes to packaging. But you can do your part as a consumer to lower waste-related issues associated with cannabis consumption.

Check out a few ways you can strive to be an environmentally friendly cannabis consumer.

Easy Ways to Consider the Environment as a Cannabis Consumer

1. Choose products based on packaging

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Did you know the ocean swallows up to eight million tons of plastic waste annually? Think about the last pre-roll or disposable vape pen you bought at a dispensary. Most likely, the package that protected and housed that product was made of plastic. 

While plastic may be a go-to material for cannabis product packaging, keep in mind that most single-use plastic is not recyclable. For this reason, we recommend seeking out products that come in packaging you might reuse for another purpose. Maybe there’s a pre-roll brand that has pre-roll tubes you can use in the future on a camping trip or during some other outdoor activity.

Glass, tin, and packaging made from reclaimed and regenerative materials may be a bit more environmentally friendly. In our humble opinion, brands taking an initiative to reduce unnecessary waste are worth supporting.

2. Support earth-friendly cannabis cultivators

Speaking of cannabis cultivators, you can also be an earth-conscious consumer by doing your research about cultivators. Look into the cannabis brands you buy. Check out their mission statements and what they say about sustainable farming practices. You may not always have the option to support sustainable practices, but it’s worth taking the time to research brands before you support them with your dollar.

3. Bring your own exit bag

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Live in a state that requires an exit bag when you leave the dispensary? Ask your local dispensary if you are allowed to use a reusable bag at the counter.  If so, you can help your local shop cut down on the amount of disposable bags they use. Keep in mind that state regulations may not permit this. 

4. Return your packaging

Many dispensaries have started accepting used packaging from customers. They then clean, sterilize, and reuse the packaging for future orders. Ask your local shop if they have such a program and you can help limit the amount of plastic getting thrown away or burned every day. As with exit bags, keep in mind that some states’ regulations may not permit this. 

5. Buy flower in larger quantities

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Buying flower in bulk (e.g. by the ounce instead of by the gram) is a good way to save money as a consumer. Plus, buying bulk also means less packaging waste with every purchase. As long as your flower is properly stored, you can stock up and keep it fresh long term.

Prevent Cannabis Waste with the Best Storage Solutions

Enjoy fresh tasting buds while being kind to the environment as a cannabis consumer. Be sure to check out Evergreen storage solutions, including airtight glass stash jars and rechargeable humidification pods for optimal freshness.

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