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How to Save Money on Weed

Cannabis is now legal in many places and is far easier to get now than it used to be, but it can still make a sizeable dent in your wallet.  

Many people would prefer to spend a little less; below we’ll share some strategies for doing so:

  • Grow your own
  • Get more for your money by changing your buying approach
  • Make the weed you already have last longer

Grow your own weed

Most legal states allow you to grow a few plants for personal use. If you have enough indoor or outdoor space for a safe and legal grow, this is the most cost-effective option. With breeding advances made over the years, it’s easier than you might think - and quicker. Many autoflower strains can be harvested within three months. 

Autoflower cannabis plant in vegetative state

If you have a few square feet of outdoor space you could acquire all the materials to go from seed to harvest for under $100. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket, some good soil, sunlight, and seeds bought from a reputable breeder for $10-20 each. If you have a garden with extra room, you can be even more efficient by planting directly in the soil. Germinate the seeds, plant them, harvest at the right time, dry, cure, and then throw your freshly cured bud in an Evergreen Storage Solution to preserve freshness and lock in flavor and potency.

Spend less on weed by changing your buying approach

Shop the specials

First and foremost - shop the specials.  Many dispensaries offer weekly deals. Subscribe to the email lists of dispensaries in your area and look out for sales - most will be announced by email first. If you see one you like, we recommend jumping on it because these deals can go fast.

Buy in bulk

If you’re looking to save some money without sacrificing quality, the best way is to buy in bulk. Many dispensaries (and legacy sellers) offer substantial discounts when you buy by the ounce. As long as you have the cash to lay out and you know the product is good, buying in bulk is the smartest way to buy.

If you go this route, you’ll need to store the weed properly.  We wrote a whole article about this here.

Buy product tailored to your weed consumption method

If you roll a lot of joints, you could consider buying a high quality pre-ground flower or flower shake. The cost will usually be significantly lower than for intact buds of the same strain. It might not be quite as potent as the same strain in flower form, but that difference will not likely be noticed in a joint.

If you usually smoke out of a chillum or other pipe, consider popcorn buds. They are usually a decent bit cheaper than the beefy cola top buds. Some can be a little less potent, but if the goal is to find the best value it can be a very economical way to get a supply of good cannabis.

Buy outdoor-grown

Sun-grown greenhouse cannabis flower

No matter how you consume, it could be advantageous to buy sun-grown weed - cannabis grown using natural light, either outdoors or in a greenhouse. It tends to cost less than indoor grown, and often punches above its THC percentage due to a wider spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Many people feel it also has better flavor than indoor weed. An added bonus: it uses far less energy to produce and is thus better for the environment.

Make your weed last longer

Some consumption methods are more efficient than others at extracting THC and other cannabinoids.

The least efficient way to smoke is joints or blunts. It’s fun to pass one around with friends, but if it’s just a couple people hanging out, you’ll get more bang for your buck consuming it just about any other way.

Where efficiency is concerned, water pipes sit in between joints and pipes. In theory they should be just about as efficient as pipes, but the generally smoother hits can lead to smoking more than intended. If your favorite way to smoke is out of a bong, you can save a lot just by paying attention to the effects and stopping when you feel right.

The most efficient way to smoke weed is to use a pipe or chillum, especially one that can be capped between hits. 

Regardless of which smoking method is most effective, the most efficient way to consume weed overall is actually to vaporize it. When you burn weed, a lot of the cannabinoids and terpenes are lost in the combustion process. Since vaporizers don’t combust your weed, instead heating it just to the point of extraction, they are more efficient. Some people prefer the taste and effects of smoking while others prefer those from vaping, so you’ll want to try it out before investing in an expensive vaporizer.

Invest in proper storage

Once you have your cannabis in hand, it’s important that you store it properly. Evergreen pods and storage solutions are designed to make the most of the weed you have and provide exceptional value for the discerning cannabis consumer.


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