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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you live in a state that permits it, you can grow a few cannabis plants for personal use. And, almost all plants start from a seed, including cannabis. Therefore, if you intend to grow your own, you will have to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds to get the process started.

While seed germination is the simplest part of a grow, proper germination means everything to successfully growing a plant. Check out a quick overview of how to germinate weed seeds to get you off on the best start possible.

First, Select the Best Seeds for Germination

Always start with healthy, feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are most likely to produce a female plant, which is what you want because male plants do not produce buds, and may fertilize your female plants, which will create seeds and inhibit bud production . Before going through the process of germination, make sure the seeds are in good shape by doing a quick visual exam. Look for a good, dense seed with a solid shell and no signs of mold growth like dark spots or fuzz.

Healthy cannabis seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Seed germination is the process of encouraging the first taproot to sprout from the seed shell before planting. Germinating cannabis seeds truly only takes a few important things to be successful:

  • Good cannabis seeds
  • A warm environment (68 to 72ºF)
  • Moisture

Nevertheless, there are a handful of ways to germinate weed seeds, and a lot of passion and disagreement about which is the best one. See below for some of the most popular ways to germinate cannabis seeds.

The Paper Towel Method

Some prefer the paper towel method of germinating weed seeds because you get to keep an eye on the seeds before they ever go into the dirt. Therefore, if you have seeds that don't sprout, you can weed them out efficiently. With the paper towel method, you simply:

  1. Moisten two paper towels with water
  2. Place the seeds on one paper towel and cover with the other
  3. Slide a plate beneath the seeds on the towel and cover it with an inverted plate

During the germination process, be sure to keep the paper towels damp. Once the first taproot is a few millimeters long, you can transfer the seeds to soil with the taproot down.

germinated seed

The Water Soaking Method

The water-soaking method involves submerging the cannabis seeds in water for a day or two, and then planting the seeds in dirt. This method is simple, but you don't get to monitor the seed for taproot growth before it is buried in dirt in your seed-starter pots. This is frequently recommended to be a precursor to the Paper Towel method as well.

Note: We've been testing the different methods with autoflower seeds this season and this one has given us the best results.

The Direct-Sow Method

The direct-sow method is the way to germinate cannabis seeds if you’re not able to put in a lot of time or effort. For this method, you simply prepare your planter pots and directly sow the cannabis seeds in the dirt. Keep the soil good and moist until the seeds sprout.  Generally there will be a lower success rate using this method.

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

Typically, cannabis seeds will germinate in roughly three to ten days, but some seeds can take a bit longer. And, the germination method you use can make a difference in how quickly the seed sprouts. If the seeds have not sprouted within about a week, you can pretty much assume the seeds were either no good or something went wrong during the germination process.

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