Best Way to Store Weed Long Term

Best Way to Store Weed Long Term

Have you ever stored away weed for a rainy day and came back to something that didn't look, taste, or smell like cannabis at all? On the most basic level, cannabis is a plant, and plants don't last forever, even if they are cured for longer keeping. If you are planning to keep weed for longer than a few weeks, it's a good idea to get familiar with long-term pot storage. What's the best way to store weed long-term? Here's a quick overview.

How long does weed stay “good” to smoke?

This can vary depending on many things, including how the weed is stored, the temperature and humidity, and the quality of your stash jar. A number of things affect how weed will age, such as:

  • Humidity - May encourage mildew or mold
  • Temperature - Best below 25.5ºC (78ºF)
  • Light exposure - Degrades cannabinoids and terpenes

Using improper storage containers can also affect how long weed will stay good once it is stored. Specifically, the type of material the weed is stored in may cause problems. For example, plastic bags or containers [link plastic bag blog] can transfer plastic chemicals to the weed and change its flavor, aroma, and effects.

In the most optimal storage conditions, such as in an Evergreen storage jar with a humidity-control pod, weed can last a year or more. However, the longer weed is stored, the more cannabinoids and terpenes it will lose.

Best Way to Store Weed Long Term

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The best way to store weed for long periods is in an airtight, glass storage container. Glass does not contain damaging chemicals and it protects the weed from being exposed to the air. You can easily keep a jar in the dark. Or, opt for a glass jar with UV protectant coverings, such as Evergreen glass jars, which have a tight-fitting silicone sleeve to block sunlight.

The final threat to weed that is being stored for long periods is moisture or humidity. However, with the right supplies, this, too, can be controlled. Humidification Pods, for example, attach to a metal jar lid to keep moisture levels in the jar at the optimal place to protect the quality of the weed.

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FAQs About How to Preserve Cannabis

How long should weed be cured before storage?

The general recommendation is to make sure the buds have been cured for at least four weeks. The goal is to only store weed once it's at its peak potency and flavor, but non-cured weed will also have a higher moisture content that can lead to mold.

Should I keep weed in the freezer?

Can you freeze weed for long-term storage? Yes, but this is not the best idea. Freezing cannabis can be especially hard on the trichomes; most will fall off if you handle the cannabis while it's frozen. Plus, freezing has to be done in an extremely controlled way to prevent undue moisture contamination.

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How do you know if weed is bad?

Weed that is old may not necessarily be bad, so you can't really assume weed is bad because it has been in storage for a long time. What you should look at is color, smell, and consistency. Old weed usually turns brown or tan, smells like hay or really weak, and may be brittle and crumbly. Mold can also make its way into improperly stored weed, which may show up as dark spots.

Need more advice on keeping weed fresh for as long as possible? Be sure to take a look at the Instructions & Guides from Evergreen.