The Best Humidity Packs for Weed

The Best Humidity Packs for Weed

Updated 2/24/2023

A Humidifier for Weed

Trying to figure out how to keep weed humid?  If you want to maintain cannabis freshness long-term you have to pay attention to humidity levels to keep it from drying out. Thanks to humidity packs for weed, you can now have an easy-to-use, portable weed humidifier. So you don't have to invest in an expensive container or humidor to keep your stash flavorful and fresh.

What are weed humidity packs? Do humidity packs work for weed? Let's take a closer look.

What are humidity packs for weed? What do Humidity Packs do?

What do humidity packs do for cannabis? They maintain moisture levels to protect the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes that make cannabis flavorful and effective. In a sense, you can take a stash jar or weed storage container and turn it into a weed humidifier container.

The best humidity control packs stabilize the moisture levels in your storage container, providing protection for delicate flower. Different humidity-control options work in different ways, and some are more effective than others. Humidity packs or pods may rely on:

  • Purified water
  • Plant or vegetable-based glycerin
  • Natural salt crystals or beads

While certain humidity control products only either increase or decrease moisture, the best products offer two-way control. They can both add moisture to the storage environment and remove moisture when there is too much. This is how the Evergreen Humidification Pod works.

There are also some humidity packs that contain “extra” ingredients. For example, some humidity packs for weed contain botanical terpenes. These may be Ok for someone who doesn't mind injecting added flavor into their flower, but keep in mind, any terpenes added to a weed storage environment can drastically affect the flavor.

Do you need humidity packs for weed?

You may not always need humidity packs, but certain situations call for them. In general, if you intend to use your cannabis within a few days, you're probably not going to have any issues with the flower drying out before it is used.  However, if you intend to tuck away your weed for a week or more and want it to stay as fresh as possible, you should use a humidity pack of some sort to retain that freshness.

Do humidity packs work for weed?

Humidity packs do work. It really is a matter of simple science. The ideal environment for storing freshly cured weed is a relative humidity of 55 to 65 percent. This is the humidity level that best protects the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids without putting the weed at risk of mold. To retain this moisture, you have to provide an environment that prevents the internal humidity from evaporating. This is accomplished by using humidity packs or pods in combination with an airtight container. 

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How to Use Humidity Packs for Weed

All humidity packs come with specific usage instructions. Most are designed to be dropped in your stash jar and will maintain humidity for weeks before needing replacement. However, the humidity packs from Evergreen last for about five years with proper charging and maintenance.  They attach magnetically to the underside of a metal lid, so the pack never touches the cannabis. 

What size humidity pack for weed? How many humidity packs are necessary?

This depends on a few factors. Which product you use obviously matters; some are capable of controlling humidity for a larger stash than others. The disposable packs come in a variety of sizes which are suited to different sized jars.. A single Evergreen Pod maintains humidity well in up to a quart jar, but you can easily use multiple pods for a larger jar. If you are using humidity packs, pay careful attention to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding how many packs you need.

What percent relative humidity is optimal?

As long as you are within the 55 to 65 percent range, you should be good to go. Your humidity control product should maintain this range and offer two-way control to keep your container at the proper moisture level.

Find the Best Humidity Packs for Weed at Evergreen

Weed humidifiers help you protect your cannabis investment, and choosing the best humidity packs helps even more. Evergreen Pod humidity packs for weed use a patented technology to  retain moisture and release it into the storage container as needed. The pods also offer two-way humidity control by absorbing excess moisture inside a container. This helps to keep the humidity levels inside a stash jar ideal. Be sure to check out the full collection of weed storage solutions from Evergreen

Evergreen Pod humidity pack

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