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Earth Day and Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

While April brings the popular 4/20 holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, there’s another official holiday on its heels every year that many cannabis enthusiasts also care a lot about: Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions to protect the planet. It would seem there is no better time to take steps toward being more environmentally friendly as a cannabis consumer.

At Evergreen, we strive to bring sustainable storage solutions to cannabis customers, but we also do our part as a company to be kind to the environment. For Earth Day 2024, we want to take a few minutes to talk about the relationship of the cannabis industry to the environment, what brands are making strides toward a better way, and more.

Cannabis Packaging Waste: A Growing Problem

Cannabis packaging

As exciting as it can be to see states legalize cannabis one by one, the emergence of a new consumer-facing industry automatically brings with it some concerns. The US recreational and medical industry is expected to reach $40 Billion in sales by the end of 2024. This means thousands upon thousands of products are leaving dispensaries in the hands of consumers on a daily basis. Each of those products has to be packaged in a certain way to meet regulatory protocols, and this packaging is not always minimal or efficient. Whether it means to or not, the cannabis industry is starting to produce a lot of trash. But...

Cannabis Businesses Are Making an Effort to Keep Weed Green

Due to the growing concern about the impact the booming cannabis industry can have on the planet, many cultivators and brands have stepped up to try to blaze new paths toward a more sustainable future. From cultivation centers that rely on solar energy to cannabis packaging manufacturers using innovation to create environmentally friendly packaging, there are many in the industry making a difference.

Implementing Eco-Friendly Growing Practices

Cannabis cultivators are increasingly implementing sustainable growing practices to minimize their environmental footprint and promote eco-conscious production. Many growers are adopting methods such as organic farming, water conservation techniques, and renewable energy usage to reduce resource consumption and pollution.

Solar panels used by Solar Cannabis Co

For example, in 2019, Solar Cannabis Co. in Massachusetts was the very first all-sun-powered indoor grow operation in the country. The brand produces so much solar energy that it is able to feed power back into the local grid in abundance. However, even smaller scale cultivators are making an effort by using natural forms of pest control, composting raw cannabis waste for fertilizer, and reducing their usage of natural resources as much as possible.

From utilizing natural pest control methods to recycling water and organic waste, cultivators are prioritizing sustainability throughout the cultivation process. By embracing these practices, cannabis growers not only reduce their environmental impact but also contribute to the overall health of ecosystems and communities.

Developing Sustainable Packaging for Cannabis

Cannabis brands are increasingly embracing sustainable packaging solutions to reduce environmental impact. From utilizing biodegradable materials to implementing recyclable packaging, brands are prioritizing eco-friendly options. Some companies opt for minimalist designs to reduce waste, while others use hemp-based packaging for its renewable and biodegradable properties.

For instance, Stone Road in California began using 99% plastic-free sustainable cannabis packaging for its products in 2016, and many other brands have followed suit. In addition, many cannabis packaging companies are focused on producing packages that meet the childproof requirements but are fully recyclable.

We're Doing Our Part for the Planet at Evergreen

When we set out to create the best weed storage solutions, we committed to valuing sustainable practices as a company and cut the waste Our products are designed to support sustainable cannabis in multiple ways.

For example, Evergreen jars are made of glass, which can be used for weed storage for the long-term, eliminating the need to continually throw away and invest in new stash containers. Likewise, Evergreen two-way humidification pods can be reused for years, unlike some humidity packs that have a limited lifespan and have to be thrown away after using.

Evergreen Pod no packaging no instructions

Evergreen also does its part to reduce packaging waste as much as possible. For example, all of our jars are packaging-free, and customers have the option to pick a packaging-free option when they order Evergreen Pods. We also do not ship our product in plastic shipping bags or containers.

Celebrate Earth Day with an Environmentally Friendly Storage Solution

As cannabis matures as an industry, it has the potential to be a leader when it comes to sustainable practices. If you are looking to do your part as an Earth-conscious cannabis consumer, check out some of the brands we’ve mentioned,  and remember Evergreen's storage solutions can be a good investment. With one stash jar that offers superior protection, you can keep your weed fresh for the long term, which also reduces cannabis waste.

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