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How to Open Weed Packaging

Tired of struggling to open the weed container every time you return to your stash of flower? Almost everyone who's purchased weed from the dispensary has been right where you are. You twist, you push, you turn, you squeeze the designated spot, and still the container refuses to open. Even when you do get the package open, chances are you'll be hesitant to close it again, knowing the hassle you just went through.

While hard-to-open weed packaging may be a necessity, the struggle is real for a lot of dispensary customers. Take a look at why weed packages are so hard to open, some tips on actually getting them open, and how to keep your stash fresh and easier to access.

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Why Are Packaged Cannabis Products So Hard to Open?

There are many types of packaging, and with most of them it can feel like you need an instruction manual just to break into the can, vial, or resealable bag. Generally, this is because these packages are mandated to be designed a certain way.

Cannabis undeniably should be hard for children to access. Therefore, most states have laws in place explicitly stating that cannabis products must be sold in childproof packaging, much like over-the-counter medications and some household chemicals.

With cannabis packaging, manufacturers have come up with all kinds of creative ways to make these packages hard for a child to open. Unfortunately, some are so challenging that adults have a hard time too. Some states with medical cannabis have even been working to find solutions for patients who have dexterity or medical issues that make some packages impossible for them to open.

How to Open Cannabis Packages by Container Type

So, how do you open weed containers? While there is no way we can cover every possible weed container on the market, here are a few tips for some of the most common below.

1. Resealable Mylar Bags

mylar cannabis bag

Resealable Mylar bags are one of the most common weed packaging options, especially for standard flower. These bags are good for initial storage, but they come with several different potentially challenging opening methods. The most common is the pinch-and-slide zipper, which requires you to squeeze the zipper mechanism on both sides as you slide it across the zipper.

Another type of resealable bag is designed with a pressure point. For these bags, you have to apply pressure to a designated spot at the top of the bag while also pulling the zipper or the seal at the top of the bag. These bags can be especially hard to open because if you are not applying the right amount of pressure on the designated dot, the slit or zipper will not budge.

A third type of mylar bag uses a regular press and seal closure, similar to a resealable freezer bag, but much harder to pull apart.  With this type of closure, a helpful technique is to grip the sealing strip between thumb and forefinger, moving them in opposite directions to cause a small opening to form in a corner of the bag.  From this corner you can pull the bag open.

It should be noted, if your weed is in a resealable plastic bag, it is best to get it into a stash jar or better weed storage container as soon as possible to protect the quality of your flower. 

2. Tin Cans and Vials

tin cannabis container

Tin cans and vials are solid, and they do a good job of protecting flower and deterring smell until they are opened. However, these containers are not resealable, which rules them out for storage if you don't use all the flower in one sitting.

Most vials and cans have either squeeze-and-turn or push-down-and-turn lids. Depending on which one you have, you will either need to squeeze the lid or push down on the lid while also turning to get off the cap. The key is to make sure you have a firm grasp on the can or vial as you do. You may also have a lid that requires arrows to be aligned in addition to the other motions required.  Examine the lid closely to understand the preferred method of opening.

3. Pop-Top Tubes

pop-top tube

Pop tubes or pop-top tubes are popular packaging for small popcorn buds and pre-rolls. Ideally, the top should "pop" open when you squeeze the tube on two sides at the designated points. The points are usually textured or otherwise marked in some way.  If you are doing this and the tube is still not popping open, try applying pressure at other points or squeezing a bit harder.

4. Push-and-Turn Plastic Containers

push and turn container

Push-and-turn plastic containers like standard prescription pill bottles are another common weed package. Most of these containers are pretty straightforward to open: push down firmly and turn the lid.

However, some containers are more complicated than expected, as indicated by a few Reddit threads from frustrated consumers. For example, you may have to push down and turn the lid several turns before it opens. Or, you may have to squeeze the bottle while also pushing down and turning the lid.

The Evergreen Jar: A Simpler Weed Storage Solution

Sunshine yellow ESS with sage and lilac ESS minis

If you have trouble getting your weed container to open, you won’t want to put it back in the same container for storage. To make your life a bit easier and keep your cannabis in  prime condition, tuck your remaining flower into an Evergreen stash jar instead, which is much easier to open. Simply screw off the lid as you would with any glass stash jar. Of course, if you have children in your home, be sure the jar is tucked away in a secure place out of reach.

These jars offer protection from UV rays, oxygen exposure, and humidity, in addition to being simple to open. While some weed containers we’ve mentioned become a bit easier to open once you practice a bit, most are not designed to keep weed fresh long term. Therefore, transitioning your dispensary-bought flower to a jar with an Evergreen Humidification Pod after purchase is a good way to protect your investment.

Are you looking for the best weed storage solution? Be sure to check out the full collection of cannabis storage supplies from Evergreen.


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