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Storing Weed in a Humidor (Can you do it?)  

After stashing away a nugget of a prized cultivar, it can be disheartening to later pull out a crumbly, dry clump of flavorless cannabis. Unfortunately, cannabis tends to not be sold in containers that protect its integrity and freshness. When a cured bud is exposed to sunlight,  temperature & humidity changes, the quality of the bud deteriorates.

To some, storing weed in a humidor may sound like the perfect solution. But would cannabis stored in a humidor be in good shape to use after a few weeks?  Here’s a closer look.

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First, what is a humidor?


Humidors are like wooden stash boxes used for storing and preserving the freshness of cigars or tobacco. Even though humidors can vary in construction, most contain a hygrometer to keep tabs on the moisture levels within the box. Further, they will have some type of humidity-control device or implement. The boxes themselves are most often made out of cedar or mahogany wood because these hardwoods are better at maintaining consistent moisture levels for tobacco.

Are humidors good for weed?

Unfortunately, not so much. Humidors can be good for storing your prized stogies or expensive tobacco cigarettes, but they are not the best solution for keeping your weed fresh. The downfalls of storing weed in a humidor come down to two very important factors:

Wooden Materials

When storing weed in a humidor, the wood itself can compromise the cannabis’ terpene-rich flavors. Many humidors are made with cedar, as mentioned above. Cedar is highly fragrant and rich in natural oils, and those fragrant oils can impart themselves into humidor-stored weed. These flavors may be complementary for tobacco, but the same does not hold true with cannabis. 

Also, importantly, wood is not a good storage solution for cannabis because it is porous and not airtight.

Humidity Levels

The wrong humidity levels encourage mold growth on your weed—definitely not what you want. Unless you go all out and invest in an expensive humidor, the humidor box will likely have the most simplistic moisture-delivery system. This may be something like a sponge that you periodically dampen that hangs out in the box and keeps the humidity level relatively high. If your weed is stored at humidity levels over 65 percent, fungal growth becomes more likely.

Cannabis is best when the flower is stored at relative humidity levels above 55% and below 65%. So, just as you don't want to store weed in a damp freezer, you also have to be careful about overly humid humidors.

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Skip the Humidor for Weed and Grab a More Suitable Option

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