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Evergreen Pods Are Now Available Without Packaging!

When we designed the Evergreen Pod, we wanted to create a device that worked as well as disposable humidity packs, but in a more environmentally sustainable form. To be viable for a retail setting, we had to use plastic packaging. But as we sold more and more products directly to consumers through our website, we started to get bummed about how much waste we were creating. This led us to explore other options, and we’re happy to announce that now there are three different ways you can order your Evergreen Pod:

Retail Packaging

Evergreen Pod in retail packaging


Up until recently this was the only packaging option for your pod order - a plastic clamshell containing an insert card with instructions. This is great for retail, and some prefer the extra feeling of protection the plastic package offers. But some don’t! 

No Packaging, With Instructions

Evergreen Pod no packaging no instructions

Same Evergreen Pod, same instruction card, no plastic package. This is now the most popular choice in our store. Pods are sealed with masking tape and a single instruction card is included with each order. If you prefer packaging-free but need more instruction cards, leave a note on your order and we will include as many as you need. Or, do you already have the instructions?  Read on!

No Packaging, No Instructions

Evergreen Pod no packaging no instructions

This option is for people who either already know how to use our Pods and would rather not get another instruction card, or for anyone who prefers to use the instructions on our website. Customers choosing this option will receive unpackaged pods sealed with masking tape.

Use With Non-Metal Lids (Hook and Loop Button)

Of the three options, the retail clamshell is now the only one that includes a hook and loop button for attachment to non-metal lids. Based on feedback from customers, very few use these, and it didn’t seem right to automatically include something that goes right in the garbage 95% of the time. If you’re planning to use the Pods in jars with non-metal lids, let us know in the order notes and we’ll be happy to send some hook and loop dots you can use to attach them.

Evergreen Humidification Pod

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