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  • Evergreen Pod attached to lid of CVault container
  • Evergreen Pod CVault adapter magnet
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Evergreen Pod CVault Adaptor Magnet

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If you use CVault containers but don't like to use disposable humidity packs, we have a solution for you!

Our adaptor magnet provides an easy way to attach an Evergreen Pod to the inside of the CVault lid.

Simply insert the magnet in the slot in the CVault lid where a humidity pack would go.  Attach the Evergreen Pod magnetically to the other side.  You may now use the pod as you would in a regular glass jar.

(If the pod is repelled by the adaptor magnet, flip the magnet over and re-insert it into the humidity pack slot.) 


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Lisa Miloszewski
Great storage solution to keep your bud fresh

These jars are awesome. I've given this a a gift. Nice present!