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The Best Smell Proof Bags for Weed

With cannabis legal in more states now for either medicinal or recreational purposes, the likelihood of traveling with cannabis on your person is much higher than it once was. While you may be looking for superior aromatics when shopping for a good strain at the dispensary, this same quality can be a bit of an issue when getting cannabis from point A to point B.

Cannabis is one of the most aromatically potent plants out there and usually we counter this by keeping it in a good airtight glass storage jar at home. But a lot of times, if you're traveling you’re carrying flower in not-so-airtight weed baggies, and people in every direction will probably smell it. 

Thankfully, there are some fairly decent smell-proof bags for weed. Check out some of the best weed bags below to keep odors in check, as well as some answers to some common questions associated with weed bags.

The Best Weed Bags

1. RYOT Flat Pack Bag

The RYOT Flat Pack Bag is a simple odor-proof weed bag that has a waterproof exterior and a detachable carbon liner inside the bag. These bags come in different sizes and are outfitted with a lock for safekeeping. The Flat Bag is not structured, which means you can roll it into a smaller size if you don't have a lot of space for carriage.

2. FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag

If you're looking for more affordable weed bags made with smell-proof technology, FIREDOG has quite a few different options to choose from. FIREDOG bags come in different sizes and are made with different materials, but they all have some form of carbon lining to keep odors contained. A favorite among customers is their basic PU Leather Bag, which has a combination lock on the exterior.

3. Ongrok Carbon-Lined Wallet


Ongrok Wallet


The Ongrok wallet is a smaller weed bag that can be ideal for transporting small quantities inconspicuously. The wallet size makes this bag ideal for tucking into a purse or backpack, but Ongrok does provide bags in different sizes. These bags have a carbon-lined interior to deter odors, but they also have a zipper that is protected with a combination lock which is definitely a good feature to have.

Do Smell-Proof Bags Really Work?

Smell-proof weed bags can work, but you do have to take your time to find the right type and make sure you don't skimp when it comes to quality. The best bags are made of several layers, which may include a waterproof exterior, a layer of cushioning, and a layer made up of activated carbon fiber felt, a material often used in filtration systems that absorbs microscopic odor particles.

In addition to investing in a high-quality bag, it is important that the bag is used in the right way and with care. For example, when you initially place the flower in the bag, you will have to ensure you don't inadvertently transfer any of the sticky resin from the flower to the exterior of the bag.

Most importantly, a weed bag should be used mainly for transport and not long-term storage, as they do not have any effective mechanism for managing humidity and maintaining freshness. For long-term storage, something like the Evergreen Storage Solution is a safer bet.

Can't You Just Store Flower in Plastic Weed Baggies?

Cannabis in zip-top plastic bag

Regular old plastic weed baggies may have once been the norm, but freshness, potency and flavor have become more important to cannabis users. While something like a mylar bag may do an acceptable job of keeping odors at bay, plastic is generally not a good storage option when it comes to weed. At most, flower should only be tucked into one of these bags briefly, no more than a few days.

Get a closer look at why plastic and weed don't mix in Should You Store Weed in Plastic Bags & Containers?

Is Carrying Bags of Weed Really a Good Idea?

The answer can truly depend on circumstances. There really is nothing wrong with placing your flower in a high-quality, smell-proof bag when you have to take your weed on the go. The right bag can do a good job of keeping your weed safe and the smell mostly undetectable while you're out and about, and may even help you comply with the laws in your state. However, weed storage bags are not the best choice for long-term cannabis storage.

Long-term cannabis storage should check all the boxes to keep the flower as fresh as possible for as long as possible, while also keeping odors at bay. Therefore, you need:

  • An airtight container to prevent cannabinoid oxidation
  • A UV-proof container to deter cannabinoid synthesis (cannabinoid conversion)
  • A container capable of controlling humidity (55 and 65 percent relative humidity is best)
  • A storage area that is the right temperature (around 70° F or 21º C or below)

Most weed bags are primarily designed to help you transport your weed unnoticed by eliminating odor as an issue, and do not provide satisfactory conditions for long-term cannabis storage. A better alternative is an airtight glass jar like the Evergreen Storage Solution with an Evergreen Humidification Pod.

Check out the Full Guide to Storing Weed for all the details you need to keep your weed fresh.

Shop Evergreen for Other Weed Storage and Transport Options

If you're looking for a way to store your weed long-term or a way to transport it without the smell, Evergreen offers the solutions you need. Evergreen jars are airtight and protected with shockproof silicone sleeves for UV protection and resistance to breakage.

Evergreen Storage Solution Mini

The jars paired with Evergreen Humidification Pods help you create the most ideal atmosphere for flower and terpene protection. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of products, including the Evergreen Traveler for carrying small amounts of flower without odors.

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