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Stash Jars 101: Everything You Need to Know (& Top 3 Best)

Well-kept cannabis can last for up to a year or more when stored properly. However, you don't want cannabis tucked away in a plastic bag if you expect it to last. Stash jars are the ideal storage solution. Here is a closer look at stash jars, why you need them, and the top three best stash jars on the market.

What are stash jars?

Weed stash jars are containers specifically designed for long-term cannabis storage. These jars are created with special features that protect cannabis from the biggest threats, which are:

  • UV light exposure
  • Oxygen
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

Stash jars come in a range of sizes and styles, some more effective for the purpose than others. For example, some jars do a great job of protecting your stash from humidity, while they may not offer the best protection from light.

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The Importance of Proper Marijuana Storage

To protect the quality of your cannabis, proper storage is extremely important. Everything from the smell and flavor to the effects can be compromised without a good storage solution.

The components in cannabis that give the plant its desirable effects break down when the cured flower is exposed to the elements. For example, THC breaks down significantly when it is exposed to heat, and terpenes can be especially sensitive to UV rays.

It is also important to note that improperly stored weed can not only lose its potency and aromatics but make the cannabis questionable to use. If cannabis gets moist, mold can grow, which will destroy the integrity of the plant and potentially cause illness. Therefore, using something like Evergreen Pods to regulate humidity levels in a stash jar is really important.

Top Features to Look for in the Best Stash Jars

1. Size

Check out the size of the jar—how much cannabis can the jar hold? Is it enough for your personal storage needs? You can find stash jars in a range of sizes. While this is the most basic aspect to consider, believe it or not, this is something easily overlooked when shopping for the best. The general recommendation is to pick a jar that is not going to have your stash squashed inside with no room for airflow, but don't go with an oversized jar either.

2. Seals

A good seal protects your weed from oxygen exposure and moisture, but not every jar has a good seal. The best seals are rubber, plastisol or silicone, which may be a part of the lid itself. Otherwise, you may leave your cannabis at risk of deterioration.

3. Protective Exterior

You want UV light as far away from your weed as possible when you need to store your stash for a long time. So a standard clear jar won't do. Something like a painted exterior, or, even better, a silicone sleeve, blocks out the sun well.

4. Smell Protection

A jar should keep the smell of your cannabis inconspicuous. If not, this is a good sign the jar does not have a good seal and your cannabis is likely at risk.

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Glass, Metal, Wood, or Ceramic Cannabis Stash Jars - Which is better?

Glass is the top preference for cannabis storage. The material does not break down over time, leech chemicals or contaminants into your cannabis, and is a good overall general storage choice. Metal is the second-best option for marijuana storage, especially when you are on the go because metal stash jars stand up well to bumps and drops. Both wood and ceramic are pretty to look at, but they don't usually offer the best levels of protection. Both can be porous, especially with age. That’s why we recommend steering clear from using tobacco humidors for weed.

Top 3 Best Stash Jars

1. Evergreen stash jars (Evergreen Storage Solution)

Evergreen Storage Solution


  • UV protecting
  • Shatterproof
  • Good seal
  • Controls humidity with pod (included)
  • Best price point
  • Silicone covering is open at the bottom to check on your stash
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe


  • Currently, only one size is available

Evergreen Storage Solutions are 8-ounce glass jars covered with a specially-made silicone sleeve. The lid is metal, custom finished, with a built-in seal for smell prevention and oxygen protection. The jars are just the right size for storage, and they come with a marking set, which makes it convenient to mark each jar with notes about storage dates and strains. Plus, the jars work perfectly with humidity-control pods, and the full storage solution even includes a reusable humidity pod that will keep your stash at the ideal humidity level for up to five years.

2. Re:Stash Jar

Re:Stash Jar


  • UV-protective
  • Shatterproof
  • Different designs available


  • More costly per jar than others
  • Does not include a humidity control solution

Re:Stash Jars have a protective silicone sleeve to keep UV rays away. The lid on these jars is unique; they are made from Polypropylene that is 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers. While the design is good, they do not come with a built in solution for humidity control.

3. FreshStor CVault

CVault container


  • UV-protective
  • Durable
  • Won't break


  • More expensive
  • Harder to clean
  • Does not come with a long term humidity control solution
  • Have to replace humidity packs (if using replaceable packs)

FreshStor CVault stash jars are made of metal, which can be good when you are on the go. The lids are airtight, and the solid metal structure prevents light exposure. Unfortunately, these stainless steel jars are rather costly compared to some of the other options  On the plus side, the CVault is compatible with the Evergreen Pod for a longer lasting humidification solution, using the CVault Adaptor

Find an Economical, Effective Weed Stash Jar for Your Cannabis

When it comes to protecting your weed stash from the elements, a good marijuana storage solution is a wise investment. While there are others out there to choose from, Evergreen stash jars manage all of the major threats to your cannabis, and they do so at a fair price point. Take a look at our full collection of cannabis storage supplies at Evergreen.

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