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ESS Mini Three Pack

ESS Mini Three Pack

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Stock up and save! Includes three full ESS Mini kits.

Each ESS Mini Three Pack contains everything you need for proper storage of your herbal materials:

  • Three Evergreen Pod two-way humidification capsules
  • Three 4-ounce glass jars (holds approx 1/4 ounce of typical materials)
  • Three custom-fit silicone jar sleeves keeps out light, protects against breakage, allow viewing of contents with the lid closed
  • Three specially-designed metal lids and wet erase markers for recording info about contents, and eight melamine sponges for easy cleaning.

Your three pack can include any combination of available colors. Use the dropdown menus to build your pack according to your color preferences!


Evergreen Storage Solution benefits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Derek Taylor
Best storage on the market for my meds.

Been using evergreen products for about 4 years now. When I seen the new minis I couldn’t help buy but some. They’re the perfect size for my smaller quantities. No jars keep my meds fresh like evergreen!!!

Thomas Vasquez

Perfect size