Instructions and FAQ


  • Unscrew the cap from your Evergreen Pod and view it in normal lighting conditions - i.e., not under a bright light.

  • Examine the beads - ideally, some of the beads are bright opaque white, while others are gray or translucent. If you have a mix of shades, your Pod is ideally charged.

  • If all beads are opaque white, the Evergreen Pod needs recharging. See HOW TO CHARGE THE POD below.

  • If all beads are completely translucent, your Pod has been overcharged. See HOW TO FIX AN OVERCHARGED POD below.


The pod on the left is charged and ready to use; the one on the right needs to be recharged.


  • The Evergreen Pod can be recharged using regular drinking water. We recommend using water you consider good enough to drink, without any unusual smells
  • There is a felt sponge affixed to the underside of the Evergreen Pod cap. Wet the sponge well - it should soak through quickly and easily. Never apply water directly to the screen or beads!
  • Shake off excess water from the sponge and screw the cap back onto the Evergreen Pod until it is sealed.
  • Under normal conditions the Pod will recharge in a few hours. To check the Pod, unscrew the cap. If all beads still appear bright opaque white, screw the cap back on and leave closed for an additional 12 hours.



If the Pod absorbs too much humidity during charging, all of the beads will turn dark or transparent. This means the device is overcharged and will need to be dried out. Leave the Pod out in the open with the cap off until you see a mix of white/gray/translucent shades in the beads. The Pod will then be ready to use again.


When your Pod has been properly charged, tighten the cap and then loosen it about a quarter-turn, so that it is secured but not tightly sealed. The cap must be slightly loose for air to flow, which enables proper function of the Evergreen Pod.



For best results, keep the lid of your Evergreen jar fully closed when not in use.

The marker included in the Evergreen Storage Solution set is used to record information on the jar lid about the contents. When you need to make updates, it's easy to erase the old notes and write new ones.

To erase notes, wet the included melamine sponge, squeeze out excess water and use the damp sponge to wipe the writing off the lid. Dry the lid and then you may use the marker to write a new note on it.

The sponge may be rinsed in cold water, squeezed out and kept for future use.



Can I skip the sponge and just drip water through the screen instead?
No, this is not recommended. Impurities and minerals in the water will reduce the Evergreen's effectiveness over time and can greatly reduce its lifespan.
How long will the Evergreen Pod last before it needs to be replaced?
With proper use, the Evergreen has an expected lifespan of up to five years.

How often does the Evergreen Pod need to be recharged?
Recharge frequency will vary depending on environmental humidity levels and how often jars are opened. Under normal conditions the Evergreen will need to be recharged once every month or two.

My tap water isn't so great. Can I still use it to charge the Evergreen Pod?
Technically it will work, but any odors in your water may be absorbed by the pod. A good rule of thumb: if you don't drink your tap water and drink bottled or filtered water instead, use that same bottled or filtered water to recharge your pod.

What relative humidity level do Evergreen Pods maintain?
Evergreen Pods will keep jar contents within an rH range of 58-65%. 

Can the Evergreen pod be used in a bag or other storage device?
It can be used with any airtight storage device as long as you leave the cap loosely on the pod. We don't recommend using it in containers that do not have airtight seals.
Can I use one Evergreen pod with multiple jars, cycling it through jars as they start to dry out?
As long as you aren't opening the jars frequently this approach can work but requires some management.
I recharged the Evergreen Pod and all the beads are still white. Should I charge it again?
If all beads are still white after 24 hours you should charge it again. If any beads are clear, you can use it without additional charging. Note: if you charge the pod multiple times in a row, take a look at it after a couple days to make sure it hasn't eventually become overcharged.
Is it possible to overcharge the Evergreen Pod?
If all beads are transparent or the screen has wet spots, the pod is overcharged. Using the pod while overcharged is not recommended. You can fix an overcharged pod by leaving it out in the open for a few hours. It is best to not use a heat source such as a hair dryer, as the high heat can damage the magnet, though placing the pod in a sealed container with a desiccant such as Dry & Dry is acceptable. Overcharging will not damage the device in any way.
Is the jar dishwasher safe?
Yes. If the sleeve is dirty you can generally clean it by wiping down with a damp cloth. For full cleaning you can safely place the jar on the top rack with the silicone sleeve attached. You can also remove the sleeve and wash the jar and sleeve separately. Be advised, the sleeve can be difficult to put back on after washing. We don't recommend washing the jar lid in the dishwasher, as the rubber seals will deteriorate faster in the high heat. NEVER put the evergreen pod or marker in the dishwasher.

Can I use a chalk marker or other wet erase marker on the jar lid or Evergreen Traveler?
We don't recommend using other markers. Some can leave a faint shadow, even after cleaning with a melamine sponge.

Do you accept PayPal?
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