How to Check Beads in the Evergreen Pod

How to Check Beads in the Evergreen Pod


  • Unscrew the cap from your Evergreen Pod and view it in normal lighting conditions - i.e., not under a bright light.
  • Examine the beads - ideally, some of the beads are bright opaque white, while others are gray or translucent. If you have a mix of shades, your Pod is ideally charged.
  • If all beads are opaque white, the Evergreen Pod needs recharging. See HOW TO CHARGE THE POD.
  • If all beads are completely translucent, your Pod has been overcharged. See HOW TO FIX AN OVERCHARGED POD.

Charged Evergreen Pod next to uncharged Evergreen Pod

The pod on the left is charged and ready to use; the one on the right needs to be recharged.

When your Pod has been properly charged, tighten the cap and then loosen it about a quarter-turn, so that it is secured but not tightly sealed. The cap must be slightly loose for air to flow, which enables proper function of the Evergreen Pod.

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