Evergreen Pod placed in jar lid

How to Charge the Evergreen Pod


  • The Evergreen Pod can be recharged using regular drinking water. We recommend using water you consider good enough to drink, without any unusual smells
  • There is a felt sponge affixed to the underside of the Evergreen Pod cap. Wet the sponge well - it should soak through quickly and easily. Never apply water directly to the screen or beads!
  • Shake off excess water from the sponge and screw the cap back onto the Evergreen Pod until it is sealed.
  • Under normal conditions the Pod will recharge in a few hours. To check the Pod, unscrew the cap. If all beads still appear bright opaque white, screw the cap back on and leave closed for an additional 12 hours.


Holding Evergreen Pod lid under faucet to wet sponge for recharging.
When your Pod has been properly charged, tighten the cap and then loosen it about a quarter-turn, so that it is secured but not tightly sealed. The cap must be slightly loose for air to flow, which enables proper function of the Evergreen Pod.
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