Collection: Stash Jars

Airtight Stash Jars Maintain Ideal Humidity for Freshness & Flavor

The journey to create the highest quality stash jar for sale on the market was no short or easy one. Our collection of stash jars and humidity pods are the result of time spent testing and improving the products to create not only the best and most effective stash jar, but a complete cannabis storage solution that will keep your buds fresh, potent, and aromatic.

The stash jar we’ve created at Evergreen is like a souped-up Mason jar. When purchased as part of our Evergreen Storage Solution, this glass stash jar comes complete with:

  • 8 ounces of storage room
  • The Evergreen Pod, first of its kind reusable two-way humidifier - included and sticks magnetically to the jar lid
  • A custom-fit silicone jar sleeve, designed to protect against light & breakage.
  • Specially finished metal lid and wet erase marker for labeling contents

Bonus: inside your stash jar is an Evergreen traveler - a mini keychain container for on-the-go-use.

Jar and Pod - Working Together to Keep Your Weed Fresh

We spent a couple of years developing and testing a number of prototypes before settling on a final stash jar & storage solution design that was both very effective and easy for the average person to use. 

This process resulted in the development of the Evergreen Pod, a humidity control device that can be reused indefinitely, being recharged with drinking water. When paired with the stash jar, you get a complete solution that is

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be recharged with normal drinking water
  • Provides two way humidification to ensure buds are never too dry or too moist

Stash Jars Designed and Assembled in USA

Evergreen stash jars and storage solutions are designed & assembled in the USA

Shop Our Complete Stash Jar Storage Solution

Our complete storage solution comes with all of the materials for proper care & storage of your precious cannabis flower, including your stash jar as well as an Evergreen Pod (humidification capsule). 

More Info & FAQs

Replacement parts, usage instructions, and FAQs can be found here. The Storage Solution comes with a Quick Start Guide for easy use after purchase. Follow us on instagram and facebook.