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Evergreen Humidification Pod

Evergreen Humidification Pod

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The Benefits of Evergreen Pods vs Standard Humidity Packs for Weed  

Looking for the best humidity packs for weed? You have a handful of good options. However, when it comes to the best weed humidity pack, a pack may not be the answer at all. Evergreen Humidification Pods offer one of the best two-way humidity control systems compared to standard cannabis humidity packs, and are the first (and only) non-disposable option. Find out more about the benefits of Evergreen Pods below.


  • Maintains the ideal humidity for storage of your herbal product
  • Is able to restore proper moisture to dried-out materials.
  • With proper care, can be reused over and over for years, saving money as well as keeping waste out of landfills.
  • Attaches to metal jar lid using internal magnet.
  • Versatile; can work in any size jar up to a quart

    The Benefits of Cannabis Humidity Packs Like Evergreen Pods

    Long-Term Humidity Control

    If you are looking to keep weed fresh as long as possible, an Evergreen Pod is one of your best investments. The two-way humidification function prevents excess moisture accumulation in your stash jar that can contribute to mold. But it also helps inject enough moisture to prevent weed from drying out or even to rehydrate weed that has already lost a bit too much moisture.

    Efficient and Sustainable

    Evergreen Pods are far more sustainable and efficient than traditional humidity packs for cannabis. A weed humidity pack has a finite lifespan; it has to be tossed out and replaced periodically. However, a single Evergreen pod can be reused for up to five years. You simply use water to recharge the beads inside the pod, and it can continue to maintain humidity levels in your stash jar.

    No Flower Disturbance

    When it comes to humidity packs, weed fares best when it is as little disturbed as possible. Evergreen Pods are magnetic and attach to the lid of your stash jar. Typical cannabis humidity packs get dropped in the jar, which can be problematic with especially delicate buds. The trichomes of the plant can be damaged by something jostling around in the jar and bumping against them.

    Viable for Different Weed Quantities

    Evergreen Humidification Pods are suitable for storage jars of different sizes, and they can be used with different weed quantities without a lot of guesswork involved. For a standard 11-ounce jar like the Evergreen Jar with an ounce of flower, one pod will work perfectly. However, the pod will work just as well in a smaller ESS Mini 4-ounce jar with a quarter ounce of flower inside. If you're storing larger quantities, you can use more than one pod to prevent having to recharge as frequently.

    Versatile Design

    The magnetic design of the Evergreen Pod also means the pod will attach to any jar with a metal lid, although Evergreen Jars are highly recommended for the perfect storage solution. Therefore, you can use a pod with any stash jar you already have on hand.

    Now available with three different options for packaging:

    • No packaging / no instructions: Just the pod (no plastic packaging), without instruction card
    • No packaging / with instructions: Just the pod (no plastic packaging), with instruction card (one card per order unless more are requested)
    • Retail packaging: In plastic retail clamshell, with instruction card

    Evergreen Pod + Evergreen Stash Jar = The Ideal Weed Storage Solution

    If you want to provide the most effective protection for your fresh cannabis, an Evergreen Pod and Evergreen Jar make the perfect match. The pod keeps humidity levels inside the stash jar at the ideal place, while the jar protects the flower from oxygen and sunlight. If you're looking for the best weed storage solutions, take a look at the full Evergreen collection.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Thomas Licht
    Great Little Pods!

    I only buy herb in eighths and keep a few different strains on hand at a time. I don’t smoke a lot. So, those eighths last a while and I need to keep them as fresh as possible. I was having a difficult time. Hints from other people like “put a piece of bread in the jar” didn’t work so well. Even a small bit of bread made the weed too moist. But, Evergreen Humidification Pods work great. I’ve checked in on them after a couple weeks and so far, so good. I’d def recommend them! I plan to see what else “lights my fire” from Evergreen!

    Samuel Laird
    I Needed These

    Sometime I have a little difficulty reading the level of moisture in the pebbles but I guess that’s me and it will eventually become clearer .
    I was delayed in my trimming so the stuff got a little too dry but I know these pods will put new life in them with some increased humidity.

    Pod Humidifiers

    Once you have the buds close to where you want them, these will keep them there. I suggest getting them a little on the dry side first, then let the pods do the rest.

    Update review

    Initially sent a 4 star review but want to update after speaking to customer service . I was having trouble charging the pod and it appears mine came with a defective seal. Another one is being sent out to me, the customer service is fantastic and I am confident that this will solve the problem. Fast efficient and friendly customer service is a rarity these days .

    Love it

    Best way to store your flower. They stay nice and fresh and help drier buds rehydrate perfectly!