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Airtight Stash Jars Maintain Ideal Humidity for Freshness & Flavor

The stash jar we’ve created at Evergreen is like a souped-up Mason jar. When purchased as part of our Evergreen Storage Solution, this glass stash jar comes complete with:

  • 8 ounces of storage room
  • The Evergreen Pod, first of its kind reusable two-way humidifier - included and sticks magnetically to the jar lid
  • A custom-fit silicone jar sleeve, designed to protect against light & breakage.
  • Specially finished metal lid and wet erase marker for labeling contents

Bonus: inside your stash jar is an Evergreen traveler - a mini keychain container for on-the-go-use.

Jar and Pod - Working Together to Keep Your Weed Fresh

We spent a couple of years developing and testing a number of prototypes before settling on a final stash jar & storage solution design that was both very effective and easy for the average person to use. 

This process resulted in the development of the Evergreen Pod, a humidity control device that can be reused indefinitely, being recharged with drinking water. When paired with the stash jar, you get a complete solution that is

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be recharged with normal drinking water
  • Provides two way humidification to ensure buds are never too dry or too moist

Stash Jars Designed and Assembled in USA

Evergreen stash jars and storage solutions are designed & assembled in the USA

Shop Our Complete Stash Jar Storage Solution

Our complete storage solution comes with all of the materials for proper care & storage of your precious cannabis flower, including your stash jar as well as an Evergreen Pod (humidification capsule). 

More Info & FAQs

Replacement parts, usage instructions, and FAQs can be found here. The Storage Solution comes with a Quick Start Guide for easy use after purchase. Follow us on instagram and facebook.