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How to Restore Dried Out Herb with the Evergreen Pod

There’s help for the dry crumble

We’ve all experienced a dried-out stash at some point. Maybe it was dry when you got it, maybe it dried out after a while - whatever the case may be, it results in a more harsh and unpleasant smoking or vaping experience.

As your flower dries out and falls below the ideal humidity level for preservation (55-65% rH), the plant trichomes begin to dry out. As this happens, the terpenes in the flower evaporate over time. Terpenes are huge contributors to smell, taste, and potency, so restoring your product to optimum humidity as quickly as possible can literally save your stash.

What’s the best way to humidify?

There are many ways to reintroduce that lost moisture. People used to use things like lettuce, orange peels, wet paper towels, etc. Some stuff worked ok, but there was always the danger of introducing contaminants and mold to the stash.

All of these methods are one-way humidification, meaning they will continuously introduce moisture if left unattended,

The Evergreen Pod, on the other hand, is a two-way humidifier, meaning it can add or remove moisture as needed, keeping your flower in the “sweet spot.” This preserves flavor and prevents both drying out and molding.

How to restore moisture using the Evergreen Pod

To start, make sure your pod is properly charged using the instructions here.

Then, loosen the cap of the pod a quarter turn to allow airflow, attach it to the inside of the jar lid, and tighten the lid onto the jar. Then, sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

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After a day or so, check the flower to see if it has returned to being springy. If it’s still too dry, keep checking it each day until it feels fresh again. If it has been a few days, check your pod to make sure the beads haven’t expended all their moisture into the dried out materials. If the beads are back to being all white, charge again in the usual way.

Repeat as needed until the bud has been restored to your satisfaction. This can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks. If the jar is full and/or the flower is especially dry, this will impact the time needed for restoration. If you are looking for faster results, try a smaller amount in a smaller container.

Once your product is restored to a proper humidity level, flavor will improve, and buds will have springiness again and won’t crumble under pressure. Any terpenes lost while the herb was excessively dry won’t come back, but you have at least stopped the degradation process and ensured that no more will be lost.


After you’ve restored your flower back to the ideal humidity level, you’ll want to keep it that way. Make sure to always have a properly charged Evergreen Pod in the lid of your stash jar for optimum flavor preservation.

Now that you know how to restore dried out herb, you should never have to deal with brittle, crumbly flower again!

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