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Top Gifts for Stoners in 2023

Updated 4/18/23

If you’re gift-shopping for a cannabis enthusiast, we have a list that should make your job a whole lot easier. We've rounded up some of our favorite cannabis-related products and we’re happy to present to you: the best gifts for stoners in 2023 and beyond.

1. Glass Piece

KLSO Canteen Rig

A quality glass bowl, bubbler or bong is often the cornerstone of a smoker's collection. We suggest going down to your local glass shop to pick up a nice glass implement for your giftee. Smaller bowls and pipes are great for the convenience and for those with limited space, whereas larger pieces that involve water may be more suitable for those that have a bit more dedicated space to their smoking area - you should do well with anything from a basic beaker bong to this masterpiece.

2. Portable Smoking Kit


Screwpop Hit Kit


The Screwpop Hit Kit is an elegant and compact solution for those who like to smoke flower on the go. The metal pipe has a slot that firmly holds a Bic size/shape lighter in place for transport. The positioning of the lighter also conveniently caps the bowl so your pre-packed buds (or remnants) stay in place while you’ve on the move. A little more onboard space for carrying flower would be great, but otherwise this is a pretty ideal setup. (You could always throw some ground bud into an Evergreen Traveler to carry a day’s supply)

3. Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Dogwalkers mini pre-rolls

Most weed enthusiasts like to roll their own joints because they have complete control over the process. However, pre-rolls are much more convenient and make excellent gifts. Most dispensaries offer proprietary pre-rolls, but you should do some homework first. Some dispensaries put subpar weed in these rolls, while others put their best products inside. Check the lab data on the package, or even try one yourself before gifting to verify quality. For a really cool, giftable package check out this Mini Preroll Pack from Dogwalkers. See what’s available at your local dispensary.- if they don’t carry that brand they likely offer a similar pack.

4. High-Quality Grinder

SLX grinders

There are a lot of grinders out there, and a lot of different functions and price points. At the end of the day, we're looking for one that grinds buds consistently and doesn't get jammed up with resin. If we could only have one, it would be an SLX. SLX developed a proprietary ceramic coating for their grinders to prevent sticking and clogging. It was effective and novel enough that they were granted a patent for it in 2016. We can vouch that it works! Their grinders are the best out there in our humble opinion, and they are relatively affordable considering how well they work. A great gift for a cannabis consumer.

5. Gummies or Other Edibles

THC gummies

Just like pre-rolls, you can’t go wrong with gifting edibles. The edibles market has exploded across the country, and products contain more than just THC. CBD edibles can help provide some health benefits, and Delta-8 products can be a great alternative in areas with stricter cannabis laws. Bonus: see if you can find an edible that is similar to your giftee’s favorite food or candy.

6. Dry Herb Vapes

Volcano Classic silver

We've tried out a lot of different dry herb vapes over the years and found that there are a few we keep going back to while the others just gather dust. If you're shopping for friends who you think would enjoy a dry herb vape, here's what we recommend:

  • For home use the only dry herb vape we ever end up using is the Volcano Classic, still the best balloon vape out there, and built to last. 
  • For big clouds and quick extraction, we recommend the DynaVap M. DynaVap makes vapes that use a butane lighter or induction heater instead of a battery. Compared to other vaporizers on the market, they have very fast extraction and can generate a large volume of vapor. 
  • For traditional battery-powered vapes, the Fury Edge is a deceptively powerful hybrid (conduction/convection) vape that is pocketable for active days, and relatively affordable.

7. Premium Vape Cartridge Battery

Yocan UNI Twist

If you have a friend who loves those 510 carts (the most common vape cart for sale at recreational dispensaries) but can't seem to find a good versatile full-featured battery, they'd probably appreciate the Yocan UNI Twist. The UNI Twist has fully adjustable voltage using a mechanical dial on the bottom, and can fit virtually any size cartridge thanks to a large chamber and innovative aperture system that tightens to hug the cartridge snugly. It's constructed from a durable zinc alloy instead of the usual plastics, so you can expect it to last for years. The only downsides are that it has a relatively small battery and no onboard battery charge level indicator. Luckily it utilizes USB-C charging, so it's quick to top off.

8. Sploofy Pro

Sploofy Pro

If you’d like to cut down on weed smell in your home or apartment, a good sploof is an important cannabis gadget to own. 

For years, inventive stoners would breathe into “sploof” made out of a paper towel tube and dryer sheets. Later, disposable sploofs came onto the market, but they typically only lasted a couple of months and created a lot of plastic waste. In recent years there has been an explosion of new designs that are more eco-friendly, and just as functional (if not more). We've tried many of these new options, and the most impressive one we tried is the Sploofy Pro. It is very effective, has a comfortable mouthpiece that doesn't allow any smoke to escape, and is visually appealing. Most importantly, it uses replaceable filters housed in cardboard, creating far less waste than the disposable alternatives. From our experience, these replaceable filters last just as long as the disposable units, if not longer. The Sploofy Pro is a mid-sized sploof, a little smaller than a beer can.

9. Rolling Tray

Alien Labs rolling tray

A rolling tray makes a great gift. It’s a simple item that can usually be found in a wide variety of designs. Most stoners wouldn’t think to buy one for themselves, but would definitely appreciate receiving one, especially if some thought went into the design chosen. Visit your local shop, or you can choose from a huge selection on sites like Everything 420.

10. Dab Tools / Hot Knife

DabCap Blade dab tool

If you've dabbled in dabbing, you know that it requires different tools than flower. There are many ways you can consume concentrates, from a classic dab rig or battery powered e-rig to a simple vape pen. Regardless of what type of device your giftee uses, a common pain point is transferring the concentrates without creating a huge mess. Instead of using metal and/or silicone tools, there's now an easier way.

The DabCap Blade uses a heated ceramic surface for mess-free transfers and reloads.  It can be purchased with or without a 510 vape battery, so if your gift recipient happens to already have one of those, you can order just the Blade tip and they can use their own battery. While you're there, throw in a DabCap v5  and your gift recipient will be able to use almost any device with almost any glass piece.

11. Container or Stash Jar

Evergreen Storage Solution

Storing your stash properly is no small task. Most cannabis consumers prefer a container that is airtight, which will keep in the smell and keep outside air out. However, we recommend taking things a step further and getting a gift that will keep buds fresh for years to come - the Evergreen Storage Solution. If there’s one thing every cannabis connoisseur can agree on, it’s the importance of keeping their stash fresh & potent. Nothing kills a vibe like dried out buds. Evergreen’s product is a complete storage system that maintains the right humidity for freshness and flavor. It can even restore previously dried out buds, making it a great gift for anyone that loves high quality weed.


Thanks for reading our Top Gifts for Stoners guide!

These are our favorites, but we’ve only sampled a tiny fraction of what’s out there. If you have any favorite items you’d like to see get recognition in a future Gift Guide, let us know at contact@evergreenpod.com!

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